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What you get for free…

  • Access from your laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • You can self-register your business (or you can ask us to help you)
  • You can set up and maintain details of your business, such as tables and however many menus you want to offer
  • Menus can be simple or complex, and can be available at certain times or days
  • You can have different people providing, say, bar drinks and hot food
  • You can print off a unique QR code to affix to each table
  • Your clients simply use their smartphone to scan the QR code (no need for them to install an App) and they will be taken to your available menus ready to order anything that you have defined as available
  • If you experience any difficulty in using these facilities, or want to talk to us about extended functionality (such as recording client contact details, collecting payments from diners within the application, or keeping track of quantities) please email us at sales@edi-plus.com.

Use with your existing hardware

You will use your own till or payment service as normal to collect payment.

Is the service secure?

Yes, the website uses industry standard secure connections. Also, the website does not hold any personal or confidential data about your business, and any information entered by your clients will be kept to the absolute minimum necessary and will be automatically deleted after 21 days.

Can it really be free?

Yes, we are happy to offer this as a free service throughout 2020 to clients who choose to trial it before 30th September.

Does it have annoying adverts?

No, there are no adverts or annoying popups, and we won't try to contact your clients or sell to them under any circumstances.

So, what is the catch?

There really aren’t any catches. Oh, you can’t sue us for damages, or breach of contract, because you aren’t paying us anything and we are not entering into a contract with you, but then what do you expect from a free service…

How and why are we offering this as a free service?

We are as keen as everyone else to get back to normal. EDI Plus are in the fortunate position where it costs us next to nothing to develop and host websites, and we want to do what we can to help our friends in bar, cafe and restaurant businesses who are struggling in the current situation.

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